What is Beanstruk Boutique Coffee Roastery all about?


… is all about coffee!

Ask yourself: Why has coffee today become such a big deal? How did coffee become the number one social connection in modern times? What is it about coffee that it becomes more popular with every passing year? If, like me, you have been struck by coffee, you will have the answer to these questions, but be at a loss for words.

At Beanstruk, we don’t have the words, we have the coffee!

Christiaan van der Spuy


Beanstruk is small, exclusive, hands-on, personal, customised, pays attention to detail, relational, roasted, packed, delivered for you by the owner/roaster.


We have selected ground and bean coffees that will have your tastebuds asking for more. Browse our coffees here.


The perfect roast has not been roasted, the perfect blend has not been blended and the perfect profile has not been captured. The joy of being a coffee roaster lies in the journey of enjoying and sharing the coffee roasting process. Roasting coffee is a happy experience meant to be shared!

Give it a try … because Beanstruk Coffee speaks for itself!